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«UKRCUSTSERVICE» — a New Age Company

The «UKRCUSTSERVICE» Expert & Consulting Group positions itself as a new age company with a European level of management, modern business-making principles, fully transparent financial schemes and a strong client-oriented approach. Comprehensiveness of services, reliability, responsibility, competence, flexible prices, a high level of services, a highly qualified personnel and a solid practical experience are the main instruments of our activities.

Service Packages— Ready Decisions for Your Business

A good beginning – and you are a winner!
Better once try than 100 times cry
Suitable & Safe
Pick this opportunity up and make Your business more profitable
The best proportion of the price and quantity!
The best choice among catching offers!
A victory is real only when the opponents admit their loss.
Veni, vidi, vici – I came, I saw, I conquered!
One trial makes seven customs clearances!

Foreign Trade Agent

You have no time and possibilities for buying, transporting and customs clearance of goods — A Foreign Trade Agent will do it FOR YOU!

Legal Support

You disagree with actions and resolutions of Customs Authorities and have no idea how to deal with? – We will provide You with a competent support