About the Company

Hello! Welcome to our website! Let us get acquainted.

We, the Expert&Consulting Group «UKRCUSTSERVICE», is a young but a very advanced Company. As the Russian publicist and literary critic N. V. Shchelgunov said, «Youth with its noble enthusiasm, with its vague aspirations towards everything honest and fair, towards social truth is one of the gratest powers of the progress».

The main tasks of our Company are offering qualified services to our clients and supporting them in resolving sophisticated and disputable issues which require professional knowledge and skills.

Our Company, having the rights to operate as a customs broker (license seria АВ № 491462 of the State Customs Service of Ukraine dated 12.03.2010), offers the entire renge of the services on declaring and customs control of goods at any Customs Authority of Ukraine.

We position ourselves as the new age Company, with optimistic vision in seeking new, optimal and economically-sound possibilities for Your business. Currently, We are ready to offer You unique services on performing as a foreign trade agent, and to provide You with claims support and legal advice, assistance in obtaining permitting documents on non-tariff regulation, and a wide range of consulting services including the following areas:

● classification of goods according to the UCC FEA (Ukraining coding);

● identification of customs value;

● determination of country of origin;

● provision of customs preferences;

● calculation of mandatory customs duties;

● preparation of supporting documents;

and others.

We will assure not only a high-quality and efficient transporting and forwarding of Your freights but a tailor-made and comprehensive decision to the problems connected with transportation of Your freights: a «door-to-door» service, which combines both customs processing and freight forwarding, will save Your time for another important business.

It is well-known that the success of each organisation, would it be a bank, a factory, a trading or servicing enterprise, depends on its employees. A team is a uniform mechanism, united by common goals and tasks, and effectiveness of the Company depends upon the work of this mechanism. That is why it is so important to shape an efficient and solid team.The specialists of our Company are professionals in their business. Their extensive knowledge and wide experience help them to cope with their tasks, and their communicativity, optimism and comprehensive approach to complex problems is the major tool of efficient and high-quality achievement of the objectives.

We are open for negotiations and both fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Repspectfully Yours,
Expert&Consulting Group «UKRCUSTSERVICE»