Keeping the UCC FEA

The procedure of keeping the Ukrainian Classification of Commodities of Foreign Economic Activity (UCC FEA) is performed by the central executive power authority which provides for the implementation of the State Policy in the sphere of the State Customs (SCSU), under the order specified by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The procedure of keeping the UCC FEA foresees the following activities:

  • 1) tracking and consideration of amendments and supplements to the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, comments and other decisions regarding its enterpretation that are endorsed by the World Customs Organisation;
  • 2) developing proposals regarding amendments to the UCC FEA;
  • 3) adopting the regulations to the national level and inserting additional unit measures;
  • 4) provision of the similar application of the rules of goods classification by all Customs Authorities;
  • 5) making decisions associated with classification and coding goods in the UCC FEA in difficult cases;
  • 6) development of explanation and recommendations to the UCC FEA and arranging their publication;
  • 7) timely familiarization of the FEA entities with decisions and information (excluding tconfidential ones) on classification of goods and application of the UCC FEA;
  • 8) performing other functions that are required for keeping the UCC FEA.