Services of the Foreign Trade Agent

If You have no time and possibilities for buying, transporting and customs clearance of goods — a Foreign Trade Agent will do it for You!

A foreign trade activity supposes a comlex mechanism of relations associated with buying-selling goods at the world market. This activity demands special attention in arranging purchase (sale) of goods, their transportation, customs clearance as well as substantial human resources for a qualified work in these fields. The work on avoiding potential riska associated with performing the foreign trade activity (risk of time and distance, currency risk, amendments to the Law) requires appropriate knowledge, practical skills and experience. The outsorcing FEA (using an external source/ resource) is the appropriate and efficient decision on how to avoid these expenditures and risks.

The «UKRCUSTSERVICE» Company offers services of the foreign trade agent. This service will free You from the arrangements on purchasing goods, checking their quality, transportation, customs clearance and currency payment. When using our foreign trade agent service You save logistical, financial and human resources and therefore obtain a possibility to develop other directions of Your business and cumulate efforts to promote areas which require a special focus.

How it works?

Must know

Besides involvement of an agent for making a foreign trade contract, in terms of the commission agreement, «UKRCUSTSERVICE» as the commissioner nominated by the Client (Consignor) may perform a foreign trade deal, while the Client should be financially in charge of paying costs of the consignment of the foreign trade operation.