Freight Forwarding Services

Expert&Consulting Group «UKRCUSTSERVICE» provides a comprehensive solvation of the delivery problem – a «door to door» delivery of Your freight. This service will free You from laborious search for means, techniques and calcualtions of the delivery cost.

We will design and calcualte an appropriate delivery scheme, taking into account a type of transport, characteristics of the freight, the route, delivery terms and Your wishes. In case when delivery of Your freight will involve more than one type of transport and if appropriate, we will arrange loading, unloading and warehouse storage.

In addition to freight forwarding, the «door to door» delivery involves a customs brokerage activity. Experts of the Company will provide a wide range of the services to conduct customs clearance of Your freight.

Calculation of the «door to door» delivery cost is carried out on the date of processing of the application and is associated with the nature of the services provided.

Moreover, we are ready to provide You services on internal port forwarding including the following:

  • моnitoring of information relating to the expected cargo (container tracking);
  • рrocessing of freight and transportation documents collected from liner and ship agents;
  • conformation, obtaining permissions and arrangement of transshipment and storage of dangerous, heavy and outsize cargo;
  • timely professional preparation of all appropriate internal port and terminal documentation;
  • carrying out relevant examinations and weighing of the freight, including doing this on demand of controlling agencies or upon the request of the Consignee;
  • provision of storage of freights under special temperature regime, in refregerators located on the territory of Odessa Commercial Seaport;
  • accumulation of batches of goods (products) at the seaport terminals for exporting including bulk cargo;
  • получение необходимых разрешений на вывоз со стороны судовых или линейных агентов;
  • arrangements and control of return of empty conteiners (for goods in containers only);
  • control over shipment of goods;
  • timely receipt, checking and payment (after receiving guarantees of reimbursement from a Clien) bills from terminals for all works done and demuragge;
  • insurance of containers;
  • border control transfer;
  • transfer of sanitary and epidemiological, veterinary and sanitatarian, phytosanitary, ecological and radiological control.

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